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Kayla Rose's debut romance novel is now available for purchase on Amazon as an ebook and paperback!

Meet me in the meadow in twelve years.

Drew Caldwell’s life plan begins to spiral when her best friend, River Mahlon, tells her he won’t be attending college in the fall. The last time her world was shaken up like this was back in fourth grade, when River moved from Hawaii to her sleepy town of Rockwood, Washington.

On the evening of Drew’s eighteenth birthday, River reveals that his spontaneous plan will take him away from her, and for the first time in nearly a decade, she will be left on her own. Before they part, they devise a plan: No matter what, they will meet again in twelve years in the meadow they discovered together, where they will reclaim special objects they have hidden in a rustic barn and wild apple tree.

In college, Drew learns that her dreams about adulthood were not exactly prophetic—boys, school, and friends are nothing like she had imagined. As the years go by, River becomes more and more of a distant, mysterious phantom—until the unexpected happens. 

Drew Caldwell thought she knew exactly how her life would play out, but the more that time went on, the more she found that life had a way of taking her by surprise. A story revolving around growth and meaning, The Apple Tree is an emotional, fulfilling journey with the uplifting message to keep moving forward and upward, no matter what unexpected twists and turns alter your course.

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Please stay tuned...

I am a brand new author, and as of now, The Apple Tree is my one and only published piece of writing. If you come across any other works under the name Kayla Rose, please know these are not mine. That being said, I am happy to report that I'm at work on a second novel. Please stay tuned if you're interested!