Kayla Rose's debut romance novel centers on the journey of Drew Caldwell, a young woman who always seems to have a certain tree and a certain boy in the back of her mind...

Meet me in the meadow in twelve years.


On the evening of her eighteenth birthday, Drew Caldwell learns that her childhood best friend, River, will soon be leaving her. Crestfallen by this news, Drew devises a plan with River:

In twelve years, they will meet again in the meadow they discovered during their senior year of high school. There, they will reclaim special objects they have hidden in an old barn and wild apple tree, and they will be together again.

Drew moves on to college life, where she finds that school, friends, and boys are not exactly what she thought they’d be. As the years go by, River becomes more and more of a distant, mysterious phantom—until the unexpected happens.

A story revolving around growth and meaning, The Apple Tree is an emotional journey with the uplifting message to keep moving forward and upward, no matter what twists and turns alter your course.



From the author of The Apple Tree comes a story centered on the young residents of Sapphire, Washington, a quaint town embellished with old houses, a glittering river, and plenty of secrets.

Mia: My life in Sapphire has been quiet and mundane as long as I can remember—just like my quiet and mundane family. But then everything changes for me, the day that a mysterious woman moves into the downtrodden Victorian house next-door. Minty Judson is perpetually dressed in black, encircled by hushed rumors, and she keeps popping up into my life when I least expect it.

The same could be said for Daniel Lockwood, the boy at Sapphire High with gorgeous, black hair, the one I’ve had a crush on for years. I can’t understand why our paths keep crossing this year, or what that faraway look is within his turquoise eyes.

Daniel: On the surface, I seem to have it all. Popularity. Good looks. A stately home on Sapphire River. But there’s something people don’t know about me, a secret I am dead set on keeping to myself. As I traverse my final year of high school, I harbor my secret, I smile at all the right people—and all the while, I wonder why I feel so drawn to a girl I hardly know, the quiet and beautiful Mia Barnes.

A story pirouetting around themes of self-discovery and discovery of others, The Rain in Sapphire is a journey through mystery, pain, and ultimately, understanding.



From the author of The Apple Tree comes the story of Cora Johnson, a young woman whose life is turned upside-down on one fateful day.

I had to get away. I just had to. Everything had been going so well, so perfectly. Or so I’d thought.

It was my wedding day when my world came crashing down, when my life was changed forever. I’d been dreaming of my wedding as long as I could remember—but it certainly wasn’t supposed to go this way. Calamity pierced my heart, and next thing I knew, I was on the run, seeking asylum from everything I’d ever known.

Now, here I am, hiding out in a beautiful, foreign, faraway place. Everything is different here: the land, the rhythm. The people. I’m lucky enough to find a woman who takes me in, who shows me a much simpler way of life than I’ve ever known. And then there’s Jordan Hartley, also known as my new boss: a scarred face, a grating personality, but to be fair, a pretty great cook.

Day by day, I try to piece myself back together. I try to let this place remedy my broken heart. But the reality is—the road to recovery is long and windy, and I never seem quite prepared for the twists and turns that come my way.

The Hallowed Hideaway is a fast-paced, emotional ride—a story of heartache, of healing, and of discovering where and with whom we truly belong.

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