About Kayla

"A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity." -Franz Kafka

I am a writer. There was a recent chunk of years during which I did not write--at least, not creatively. Did I transform into a monster? Did I spiral into the depths of insanity? Well, not exactly. But things were certainly darker during those years, and I can now see the ways in which I had been flirting with some of my deepest neuroses. Now, thanks to my first novel, The Apple Tree, I am a healthy writer again--which is to say, I am a writing writer again. Now, I am happy to report, I feel much more like myself.

A Few Facts


 I live in Washington state with my husband and fluffy Norwegian Forest cat. I am a logophile, a pluviophile, and I think llamas are pretty great, too. When I'm not writing, I enjoy playing the piano and reading.

The Apple Tree


My debut novel is available to read on Amazon. I'm excited to share The Apple Tree with anyone and everyone. I'm currently at work on my second novel, so stay tuned!

Things you might want to know...

I'm a brand new author in my twenties.

I'm an independent, self-published author.

The Apple Tree is currently my one and only novel (and I absolutely loved writing it!).

I am at work on writing my second novel. Hooray!

My second novel will not be a sequel to The Apple Tree.

I have loved getting to share The Apple Tree with others, and I hope to write many more stories throughout my life!