About Kayla

"A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity." -Franz Kafka

I am a writer. There was a recent chunk of years during which I did not write--at least, not creatively. Did I transform into a monster? Did I spiral into the depths of insanity? Well, not exactly. But things were certainly darker during those years, and I can now see the ways in which I had been flirting with some of my deepest neuroses. Now, thanks to my first novel, The Apple Tree, I am a healthy writer again--which is to say, I am a writing writer again. Now, I am happy to report, I feel much more like myself.

A Few Facts


 I live in Washington with my husband and fluffy cat. I am a logophile, a pluviophile, and I think llamas are pretty great, too. When I'm not writing, I enjoy playing Mozart, Ben Folds, Radiohead, and The Cure on the piano.

My Books


For now, I have just two books: The Apple Tree and The Rain in Sapphire. Each one has been a rewarding endeavor for me. I have hopes to write many more stories down the road, so please stay tuned!

Things you might want to know...

I'm a newer author in my twenties.

I'm an independent, self-published author.

I never thought I would have written two books by twenty-six years old! I'm still a little in shock by this.

I am at work on writing more stories. My brain has fallen in love with daydreaming about new characters and their lives.

My husband and I have taken on this self-publishing endeavor as a team. He takes care of all the business details (while still working his normal job).

I love having the chance to share my writing with others, and I hope you enjoy my books!